Policy Statements

Vision & Mission

To become the regional market leader in Qatar’s construction industry by upholding ethics and adopting best professional practices.

Our corporate mission is to be the best professional partner of our clients, to provide them quality services and to enable them to deliver projects optimized at their satisfaction.

Policy Statements

Ethics Policy

Qatar Master is committed to doing business ethically and legally. Our corporate structure considers good ethical values as the basis of our everyday operations. Our ethics policy is shaped by four core values:

  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Consistency

Quality Policy

To uphold our commitment to quality, to recognize its importance, and to act accordingly in order to provide our customers with quality services on time.

Do it right the first time, every time.

EHS Policy

The company is committed to providing adequate control on Environmental, Health & Safety risks arising from work, both for our employees and those affected by the work. We continuously work on improvement in this regard.


Human Resource Policy

Qatar Master recognizes that employee development and welfare is vital to the success of our company. Hence, all the employees are considered part of Qatar Master’s family.


Our Human resource policy ensures:

  • Commitment to follow the Labor laws prevalent in Qatar.
  • Anti-harassment and disciplinary action policy is enforced.
  • No discrimination based on cast creed, gender, religion, race, origin, or other similar factors.
  • Recruitment strictly based on merit.
  • Human resources development through further education and training is encouraged.
  • Forced and bonded labor are prohibited.

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